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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:30 a triple shooting at a neighborhood clubhouse leaves two dead. we're live. >> plus a serial low pressure caught on camera targeting elderly shoppers. this morning the new video to help catch him. it is 5:30 on friday january 29 i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula. we have your traffic and weather together. vanessa borge stands by with a look at the roadways we're going to hear from her in just a moment. lets check in with michael smith. >> i am thrilled not only that it's friday but the weather has changed and it's so nice outside. i think we deserve the break from the nasty weather. live look with the biscayne bay camera a few high clouds temperatures much cooler, lower 60s right now fort lauderdale, miami, key west at 69. want to check in with a few neighborhood network sites. 59 right now parkland at river
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real time doppler radar sweeping clean. if you have travel plans today no huge storm systems to slow you down. forecast right here at home, up to 72, normal high is 77. so cool but dry with a northwest wind at 15-20, tons of sunshine. that's a check on your forecast, let's check in withp vanessa and a look at traffic. i haven't been ignoring the 954 there's nothing going on in broward county this morning south florida. i-95 at sunrise boulevard here's the northbound drive and southbound drive. no accidents, all the construction is cleared up. really looking great in broward. miami-dade we have no accidents but we do have some construction so 826 southbound to the dolphin westbound, that ramp is still closed off. we had the 836 eastbound shut down. that ramp has now opened up. 836-u 87th avenue ramp closed there. detoured there. got word that this cleared up,
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left lanes are foothills longer blocked off. we are following a developing story out of homestead now. police are investigating a triple shooting with two people were killed. gaby fleischman is live at the scene. >> reporter: lauren detectives believe this was a murder suicide. they say a man shot two people, then killed himself. happened around 8:00 last night at the clubhouse of the aisle at oasis community on mediterranean avenue and pacific boulevard. police say a 41-year-old man shot a 28-year-old woman, killing her and then also shot a man in his 30s himself. the shooter and the female victim were both pronounced dead at the scene. relatives tell us that they may have been in a relationship. the male victim we're told by police was air lifted to ryder trauma center. relatives tell us that he was shot in the face and arm and
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he's in critical but stable condition. >> at the preliminary investigation is what's lettering us know is the fact that there was an argument some type of dispute were a male produced a firearm shot the female that was inside the clubhouse shot the second victim that was transported and then from what it appears he shot himself. >> it's really safe nothing ever really happens around here. >> reporter: again, we're hearing from relatives that the two people who are dead the shooter and that female victim may be in a relationship. may have been in some kind of relationship unclear exactly how they were related. right now police still working to piece this together and figure out exactly what led up to this triple shooting. live in homestead gaby fleischman. here are more of the friday morning headlines the republican presidential candidates will hit the campaign trail today in iowa. the gop hopefuls made their
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with donald trump not present ted cruz became the biggest target. trump who boycotted the event over a feud with fox news held a fundraiser for veterans nearby. he says the event brought in $6 million. people in delray beach and boynton beach are cleaning up after a small tornado blew through the area yesterday morning. a surveillance camera at the st. mary's church in delray captured the tornado alzheimer's it swept through. employees say it was a frightening experience but they are grateful no one was hurt. authorities say at least four people are still occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. fbi officials released new video of the violent traffic stop that killed the group spokesman. those remaining say they'll leave the refuge if officers assure them they won't be arrested f caught on camera a serial robber in action. take a close look at this man captured on surveillance video. surf side police say he targeted elderly shoppers when
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we have learned the same person also victimized a 94-year-old world war ii set ran in -- veteran in pine correctest crest -- pine crest. we spoke to two of the latest victims in this exclusive. >> reporter: surf side of police say surveillance tape captures the serial robber darting through a public supermarket in october and scouring the lobby of the same january 1st. the detectives say this criminal in his 50s commonly carries a dark jacket over his arm to cover his crime. stealing wallets, from older people who are distracted. >> then when i reached to check out counter, i had no wallet. >> reporter: 76-year-old was shopping at the publix store when sleet her wallet unattended in a cart. >> i'm very angry about losing i'm devastated. i have so many personal pictures in there that can never be replaced and my mother, my husband, and just my
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>> i notice immediately that my wallet was missing from my stroller. >> reporter: this victim did not want to show all of her face lost her wallet with cash and credit cards while watching her grandson. >> i do remember someone coming by brushing up against the stroller. i felt violated. >> reporter: surfside police say the same criminal picked the pocket of 94-year-old world war ii veteran at a publix in pine crest in december. >> my concern is that if we dent catch this man immediately, he's going to continue doing this to victims. >> anyone who comes up close or brushes against you or something that you have be very aware. >> make sure that they keep their personal belongings at their side at all times. >> please, please, turn him in, because he's destroying people's lives. it's very, very personal. i feel very violated.
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suspect is 5'10" and 170-pound. has a gold watch and a pinkie ring. if you can help find him call surfside police or miami-dade crimestoppers. in surfside peter d'oench. a big bust takes drugs and guns off the streets of south florida. the head of various police departments revealed the results of their initiative. they broke up five crime rings and have indicted 55 people on drugs and weapons charges. they displayed just a sample of the weapons seized. >> all these arrests, all these guns signifies that a grandmother won't have to lock herself in her bedroom tonight. >> of the 55 named in the the indictment, 17 are still on the run. take a close look to see if you recognize any of these faces here. they are wanted for variety of drugs and weapons crimes if any of them look familiar to you
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and it was a special and historic graduation yesterday morning. almost 100 miami-dade police officer trainees walked across the stage. during the graduation their new boss, was officially a fangs as the new director. perez is a 25 year veteran. he talked about the dangers that officers face and how some give temperature all a bad name. he encouraged the new officers to begin their work at home by raising strong happy families. now, to a health alert the cdc suspects at least one case of the zika virus may have been spread through sex but the cdc still does stress that zika virus is primarily transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquitoe. the world health organization warns the virus is spreading ex plossively and may cause as many as 4 million cases in the americas. in a handful of cases it has been identified in fetuses and
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this morning there's renewed confidence coming from the pan leading the crusade to legalize medical marijuana in florida. job morgan chairs the group united for care. on wednesday he announced the group had gathered enough signatures to get the question on november's ballot. it failed in 2014 but the language will be more specific this time making it clear that marijuana would only be prescribed for debilitating conditions. morgan believes that change and the election calendar will make things different this time around. >> this year it's going to be a presidential year. last year for all practical purposes people didn't show up to vote in miami and fort lauderdale the this time there will be record votes. >> 60% of voters w understand need to vote yes for medical marijuana to become legal. never forget them, nor the last time we saw them this morning.
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journey and waved good-bye and slipped the surly bond of earth >> 30 years ago president reagan was lead ooh, it's so good. the nation in mourning. space shuttle challenger had exploded killing all 7 crew members. nasa held a ceremony yesterday underneath the winds of the retired shuttle atlanta. it honored the challenger's crew and everyone else who gave their line of the space program. among them ron mcnar. >> the fats of two was the second african-american in space. he was described as just so beautiful and appearing without lines, peaceful he said. us to live. >> nasa determined a faulty o ring on the rocket boost ear caused the shuttle to break apart. a new era officially begins at the university of miami. the new president will be inaugurated.
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miller school of medicine's center for medical education yesterday. dr.frank came to um from the harvard school of public health. he also served adds mexico's minister of health. dr.frank was named as um's new president in april taking over for don fa. he's been wishing on campus since august. -- he's been working on campus since august. miami-dade's new teacher of the year has quite a way with word. she's the creative wright teacher. pressure same was named yelled the miami-dade county 2017 teacher of the year. the 10 year classroom veteran won a fu car and $5000. she's a freedom writer teacher meaning she was trained under that famous calendars teacher who used writing to help educate and inspire her struggling students. well, coming up, you can
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>> the black fiat he used in the united states will be sold at auction. >> then move over uber facebook is looking into how it can be a big payer in the ride sharing business. >> later some fredericks lisa petrillo goes one on one worth marlon wayans who stars in the comedy spoof of 50 shades of black. >> i'm not even going to go there. i-95 drivers take a look so we said it earlier there's a lot of people out the door at 5:42 in the morning. so here's the southbound lanes leading right into the golden interchange. they're heading toward broward county whichever direction you're driving this morning i'm going to let you know if there's anything slowing you down. >> good friday morning to you south florida. the storms out of here. cold front has moved through.
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tumble, lower 60s in south welcome back. we have had a lot of wet weather looking forward to having some sun, michael. >> done. sunshine, and drier weather is here. it was a messy and stormy dangerous wednesday yesterday. wasn't so pretty.
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it today and through the weekend. two thumbs up on that. live look outside good friday morning to you've. this is worth our cbs4 camera looking east a. little strip of miami international airport where it's 64 in happy. 69 key west. normal low for this time of year, 61. so definitely cooler and hey, drier. here's the proof. real time doppler radar nice and quiet. west northwest wind anywhere from 15-16 miles per hour. to six so that's a drier much more comfortable breeze. good morning to you hialeah waking up right now to 65. 63 in pompano beach. 65 in marathon. to the north we go temperatures right now are in the 30s across parts of the panhandle like tallahassee but lets go through the forecast and the temperatures here hour by hour. we're going to kick account clock off right around lunchtime at 12:00 p.m.
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some areas hang on the the lower 70s this afternoon. as we get into the evening hours temperatures start to tumble just a bit. 65 miami at 7:00. back into the lower 60s at 9:00 tonight. elsewhere, cold air coming right out of canada, 24 chicago, 32 st. louis. cincinnati is at 34. newyork city, 39. 29 in d.c. so as we jump ahead to tomorrow, high pressure in control chilly start. otherwise a lot of sunshine. and then for sunday, sun, clouds, and just a little bit warmer. as we round out the weekend. 72 should do it today. normal high, 77. so below the mark, that northwest wind 15-20. so a lot of sunshine. noticeably drier. here's a look at today's forecast right through the weekend temperatures climb back
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overnight lows vanessa warm up back into the 60s so saturday's going to be a cold morning make sure you know where your layers are. so you can prepare for that. >> oh, yeah, one more time to bring out the boots and scarves and maybe the hatsments we know about layers. so i don't know if you know this but when michael does his forecast and he's off to the side he's like squatting down. he's ready. so i want you to do it on camera next time. i'm going to stay up straight because i don't need to be any lower than i am. speaking of short barbies. packed southbound i can't believe how many people are out the door. i live vicariously through you go back to bed south florida. no accident on your highways. however we do have a brand new crash on your side streets. in miami-dade county. o on bird road southwest 40th
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avenue. construction still there on the palmetto southbound. that ramp has been closed overnight opening up in the next 2 minutes. 836 westbound to 87th avenue that ramp also closed off detoured to u 72nd avenue. and drive tiles great. after that just 9 minutes on the turnpike from 874 to the dolphin. and now, sports chris bosh is once again an all star plus the dolphins coaching staff meets the media. here's jim berry with the friday morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning the dolphins have settled on the coaching staff for the upcoming season and their coach adam gates retooled with some new faces and old ones, as well. among the new faces clyde coming in. and darren among the fine
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once more will be back to coaching special teams. he's always been high on enthusiasm and optimism. >> i'm as excited to be here now going into this season with him and this new coaching staff. i think we've got a lot of great things in place. like i said before, my estimation so far he's put a great coaching staff together. so again, i'm very, very pleased with were we are. >> dolphin legend don shula these days absolutely beaming with pride. the winningest coach in nfl history is getting ready for a super bowl trip and a great ride he hopes seeing his son mike as the offensive coordinator for the carolina panthers. he's the guy calling the may ear. don very proved him obviously and also very proud that the shula name connected to the super bowl's golden anniversary. >> yeah, it's an honor to be thought that way. and i'm just proud that mike's
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going to carry the torch. >> well, chris bosh an nba all star once, again, named as a reserve. he is making his 11th all star appearance he and d. wade will be teammates. bosh this year back in a big way averaging 19 pointed 8 rebound a game. the heat on the road tonight in mull walk key. d and jim is heading to the bay area for super bowl 50. look for his live reports leading up to the b ig game beginning next thursday february 4. and remember the only place you can watch super bowl 50 is right here on cbs4 on sunday february 7. now, time for talking with joe, joe rose is live from the wqam studios. we just saw the one the only don shula on our air just a moment ago. isn't it awesome to see him beaming with pride proud papa of his son mike shula. >> he just stands for so much
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and i really believe the. if one team was going to go 17- 0 he wanted it to be his son's team with the carolina panthers he's a proud guy for sure and mike shula is one of the hot coordinators right now out of columbus high school grew up right here in south florida and one of the hot coaches in the national football league. >> speaking of offensive coordinator the dolphins new coordinator said he will be ryan's ally. is he saying the old offensive coordinator was not? >> well, you're right. lauren that's a good read by you. i heard the same things from adam. i got your back. christian sentenced the offensive coordinator i'm with you, man. we're in this together. we're going to do it together. we're in this. you're right. i read the same stuff that maybe the former head coach and interim head coach and everybody else wasn't aboard they're making sure before they
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tannehill hill you're our quarterback. think you're good. we're going to make you better cut down on the sacks. show you how to get rid of the ball quickly and make you more productive. so getting off to a new start. hey, lets face it adam gates' number one job to get the offense going. 19 points a game is no the number 17. ryan tannehill hill and the miami dolphins are all in. >> all right, joe. i know that you have played injured in the past but anything like this, panthers pro bowl thomas davis broke his arm had a plate put in and new he still vases to play in super bowl 50 we have a picture he has a big band in on his arm, as well. what do you think? is this guy crazy for trying to get back on the field or is this what athletes do? >> that is old school tough. there are a lot of guys who would just show up and party at the super bowl and go hey, guys, go out and win so i can get my super bowl ring and get
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but most guys would be ting king about the off season and getting healthy. this is one tough dude. he's already had 3 acl surgeries so this guy goes i'm finally healthy had a great year. he's a r bowl player. one of the best line backers i'm not missing out on the success and final step to what has been an unbelievable season. that is what we call old school stuff to have that operation put those plates and screws in and line up and play in the physical game against the denver broncos next sunday how about that. i like that old school tough we need more of that with the new school players. >> we need that here, lauren you're right. >> definitely. have a good one, joe. >> thank you. straight ahead uber meets facebook what the social media giant is doing to get you were you need to go. also ahead golden state warriors steph curry is arguably the best basketball player in the world.
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business for one company. >> plus up for sale were you -- where you can become the new -- we're going to tell you how you can become the new owner of the black fiat used by the pope while here in america. >> good morning. >> what a wild night last night in the ra is for the gop nomination we'll have the fallout from the debate. >> plus securing the super bowl we'll go inside the command center at an undisclosed location where the fbi and our military will
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welcome back on the money watch this morning advertisers are bringing out the stars for super bowl 50, plus underarmor takes a big leap jill wagner is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, walter underarmor is in it to win it. shares soared 25%. they scored big with a line of sneakers from steph curry. the super bowl's more than a week away this year advertisers are bringing out celebrities in full force to drive up the buzz for their
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amazon is advertising for the first time, the company hired alec baldwin, kevin hart and ryan reynolds will be promoting hyundai. you can coordinate how you're going to get to an event. facebook filed a patent that outlines a way for use tires set sup car pools for people going to the same party which means i might actually have to start paying attention to my facebook events. >> yeah, you know, uber has a service already like that the whenever you order a car they ask you if you want to share the car so you can save a couple of bucs. i don't know if autoy want to share my car with any strangers what do you think about that? >> reporter: well, if you're going to the same party, you kind of are on the same page, maybe. >> that is true. >> reporter: not a total stranger. >> so we've been talking about this other story all morning long. the pope while he was in the united states he brought along
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